Participants schools

Map of all participant countries: 



1. Nipiagogio Rizariou ,Trikala ,Greece


 2. Vilniaus r. Mickunu vaiku lopselis - darzelis,Mickūnai,Lithuania

 3. Przedszkole Samorzadowe w Zespole Placowek Oswiatowych w Woli 

    Filipowskiej,Krzeszowice, Poland

 4. Boscotrecase IC 1- S.M. Prisco,Boscotrecase,Italy

 5. Agrupamento de Escolas Emídio Navarro, Almada ,Portugal

 Five schools from different places of Europe will cooperate in this project having as goal to know better first their culture and then the culture of others.


Greek School was the coordinate school with strong experience in international project.Greece as a birthplace country of democracy and Olympic games has to demonstrate a rich cultural heritage and we wanted to teached and shared our cultrure with the other countries.The school is very close to Meteors,one of the World Heritage Monuments.

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Portuguese school: Portugal is the cross road of people with different culture.They teach us thealso rich Portuguese culture and innovative methods for the diversity.

Lithuanian school brough us in contact with Lithuanian culture.The school is very close to Kernavė Archeological Site and Vilnius Historic centre,monument of World Heritage.

Italian school is very close to volcano of Vesuvius and to Pompeii,aslo monument of World Heritage. Italian culture as very rich and our partners from Italy teached us their customs and their culture.

Polish school is near to World Heritage Monument Wielitska. Polish culture and tradition is very rich too.Different customs,different culture .They shared with us their culture and we learned from each other.

The project linked two schools northern and three southern Europe from different geographical points,with different backgrounds and that was very important because allowed us to remark cultural elements of six different countries and understanding of similarities or differences.

To understand the difference of cultural heritage from country to country it’s necessary the contact among schools from different places in Europe which can show different perspectives for the same theme.


How the project partners were selected

At first stage, all participating organisations because they had the needed skills and competences for quality work and with aim to ensure efficient, effective and professional implementation of project program.The participating organisations were be able to achieve results that are not reachable by organisations from a single country and so the transnational dimension clearly adds value in terms of outcomes on European level. Some partners had previous international experiences with EU Long life learning projects and for others is their first participation in Erasmus+ project.The coordinator and rest partners adviced them in every step.

Based on existing knowledge,know how and practice of the participating organisations we had a strong and cooperative working group. All our produce achieved realistic outcomes which are innovative and suitable for the field of pre school education.

All partners collected by e twinning and three of them are ex partners from Comenius or etwinning project and two were new partner.

We believe that variety and diversity of partner organisation with our expertise, motivation and excellent practices in project topics offered in this partnership a solid base for excellent results as you can see out of final outcomes.

By project 's coordinator : Ann Magkiosi

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