2nd sort training event in Lithuania ( 23rd to 30 th of June 2019)

"Educational applications of new technologies in cultural education "

Watch the video here:  https://youtu.be/IiRB8N9B6QM



Exchange of experience meetings between partners and practical learning events for teachers. Prior to the visit all the partners prepared the material agreed and it presented during the meeting.The meeting included training sessions on topics directly related to the project objectives.

During the meeting, partners visited the host school and all classrooms and watched learning and teaching children activities in groups. An international event has been presented by the host school of Lithuania and children presented traditional songs,dances and customs .

All partners took part in the preparation of bread and other traditional food with the help of parents.We visited also the exhibition with old things from the past (photos, old objects,handwritten texts, traditional costumes ,traditional ornaments,etc.), cultural organisations and monuments of the local community.

We had educational visits to museums and monuments of cultural heritage of region and to factories of traditional products .We also came in contacts with local authorities and we informed about socioeconomic system of country .Visits to neighboring schools of different school levels. At the end of this training event has been organised a Lithuanian farewell evening.

Work shops: Exchange of experience and share information about Lithuanian educational system,report of host school's action and presentation of daily activities.

Discussion about differences and similarities of different educational systems. Short presentation of Lithuania Study of Lithuanian traditional costumes.

Seminar about "Educational applications of new technologies in cultural education".Greek coordinator presented new web tools,useful for a teaching way more attractive and interesting for children. Learning of web tools for creations of puzzles , memory games, collages for little children.Practice exercise during the seminar between partners .

Greek coordinator educated all partners how they create presentations and videos via web tools kizoa and slidelyshow and to create books via story jumper Practice exercise during the seminar between participants .

Useful information were given also about the way of posting our work in our project web site. All partners kept notes and learned how to use new web tools in learning activities into their classroom. We exchanged and shared our experiance on the topic.Returning in their school they were be able to educate other teacher and to creat new educational material using these new web tools ( Jigsawplanet ,kizoa,fotojet, slideshare, story jumper and learnings apps)

In this sort training took part not only the school staff and pupils but also parents, granmothers and grandfathers the local press and local authorities,local museums ,department of archaeologists who will give us information about the monuments of each place and we had cooperation with factories where product traditional products (we watched the way of production) and with cultural organizations, folklore centers ,theater teachers, writers, dance teachers and musicians ,that invited in our events.

Questionnaires shared for the impressions of teachers,pupils, parents and other scholl staff about the impact on the local community.

Evaluation of first year project's implementation and discussion of difficulties of the project. Plan for next year 's project activities Production of results.Posting all work in our project net sites.Dissemination plan  and publication of results through local media and social net works.

After the training all participants had duty to shared their knew experiances and knowledge with the rest staff ,pupils and parents of their school and organized events and exhibitions and dissemination activities.A certicicate has been given to all participants .

                                           By project's coordinator : Ann Magkiosi 

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