1st training /learning activity

(Greece 10th to 15th of December 2018)



Title "Study of educational systems and the use of e twinning space"

Exchange of experience : Sort training event in Greece (Rizario of Trikala)

Watch the video here : https://youtu.be/PFUuPU81dJg

European cooperation is very important to face the problems that most of the European countries are facing nowadays specially with the migration of populations. By knowing our roots and exchanging experiences and worries we will be able to educate our European towards a better future in what concerns to protection of our cultural heritage and a better quality of life.

All planned meetings were necessary for the implementation of project activities and to achieve project objectives as a part of cooperation between partners and they have be planned very carefully.

During this learning activity participants had the opportunity to learned about Greek culture, to study the educational Greek system, to listen Greek music and traditional songs, learned to dance Greek dances and customs, took a taste of Greek traditional food and they visited various museums related to cultural education and had practical training about museum education.

They visited monuments of cultural heritage (Meteors,bridge of Pili,old monasteries,the castle of Trikala,etc.) and factories of traditional products of Trikala. Also they came in contact with local authorities and took information about socioeconomic system of Greece .They visited the host school and neighboring schools of different school levels.

The host school Nipiagogio of Rizario with help of teachers, pupils and parents prepared for them a welcome event and visited also the school museum of Greek Kindergarten,which is in the beginning of its creation of course this period.

So in this sort training took part not only the school staff and pupils but also parents, granmothers and grandfathers the local press and local authorities,local museums ,department of archaeologists who will give us information about the monuments of each place and we had cooperation with factories where product traditional products (we watched the way of production) and with cultural organizations, folklore centers ,theater teachers, writers, dance teachers and musicians ,that invited in our events.

During our training we used the cooperative methodology and we shared innovative didactical methodologies related to “cooperative learning" as the best way that leads to the knowledge. The program of Kindergartens is quite flexible, so there is no problem with the inclusion of the activities in the daily program, that have as goal the allsides development of children.

Project Coordinator gave also practical Information about the use of e twinning page and project web about the way of posting our work in our project web site to participants ,so all partners to be able to use them.Done also exchanging of information and educational material of each country and dvds with schools and countries presentations.

Results of this activity was the creation of our website and our etwinning project.

After the training all participants had duty to shared their knew experiences and knowledge with the rest staff ,pupils and parents of their school and organized events and exhibitions and dissemination activities. Τhe evaluation of results of first project learming activity has done during the meeting by all participants and also the publication of results through local media and social net works .

A certificate has been given to all participants ,issued by the host school and to Lithuanian partners Europass document which ensure the formal recognition of the activities carried out,because in the rest countries the process for Europass need time.

                                    By project's coordinator : Ann Magkiosi    

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