4th training event in Almada of Portugal ( 8th to 15th of March 2020 )

Title of sort training event :" Cultural education and Innovative actions new methodologies, pedagogies and strategies"

Watch a sort video here: https://youtu.be/PW-1jR9EpYo



During the meeting, partners visited the host school, and watched learning and teaching activities in groups. An international event held by the host school , Children presented traditional songs,dances and customs ,prepared traditional food and an exhibition with old things from the past in cooperation with parents and the cultural organisations and local community.

Educational visits took part to museums and monuments of cultural heritage of region. The host school prepared a good practice plan for the development of a museum visit plan. The participants visited factories of traditional products and other traditional products of the region . Also they visited local authiorites and exchanged information about socioeconomic system of country.

COVID - 19 period just had begun ,so there were lot of problems with closed places which were in the plan of visitings and some of them cancelled.

During seminar the host school of Almada presented a sort presentation about Portugal and the profile of school ,as well about the educational Portuguese system.

The title of seminar of training event was : " Cultural education and Innovative actions new methodologies, pedagogies and strategies"

Greece took part via virtual mobility ,Italy this period was in the worst situation ,so they did not part at all ,but both of partners were ready for this meeting and they had sent their presentations for the seminar and Portugese coordinator presented their work on this topic too. Of course Greek coordinator  could not follow the rest partners during theit visits to various places ,but only during and training and school events.

Evaluation of training event  via questionnaires to teachers and parents. Exchanging of information material of each country, educational material and dvds with schools and countries presentations, cds with children activities.Discussion of difficulties of  project implementation because of Covid

Already in the educational context, new teaching methods are emerging, reflecting the new needs of our time and redefining the role of education and its association with the holistic approach to the issues leading to knowledge acquisition, broadening the frontiers of research and promoting the experiential, cooperative and active learning.

Teachers horizon expanded about different ways to teach and different type of educational systems. The application of new teaching methods can help children to build a harmonious relationship between the present and the past, understand the historical and social processes and form a cultural consciousness that will allow them to participate, create variations or new cultural forms.

Teachers enhanced the quality of their knowledge about cooperative methods  and will be able to use the best practice for the benefit and progress of all children and gain new knowledge on registered topics and practical experience and skills.

The exchanging of these innovative methods represent an important initiative among our partnership because wes created a more modern, dynamic,committed and professional environment inside every school ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities.

After every meeting ,teachers implemented their new knowledge and skills practically on children and new knowledge and experience integrated to every partners school in everyday learning activities hereafter. They also shared their knowledge about culture of Portugal with other school teachers and parents.

Publication of results through local media and social net works.Portuguese farewell event .A certificate has given to all participants but not to all partners.

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                                By project's coordinator :Ann Magkiosi