Project's dissemination

Announcements of press

How we disseminated this project ,its outcomes and its benefits?

Via announcements to the local press about project

Via various events related to the project where parents were invited via cooperation with local authorities and school advisors or coordinators of Educational projects organizing seminars and conferences via on line e twinning events for project presentation for teachers of the wider educational community

Via participation in code weeks Via participation in ERASMUS DAYS

Via the creation of a project corner in your school

Via organization of cultural weeks twice per year

Via announcements to National school net of each country, via the website or blog of every participating school and via other social media (Teachers groups, Erasmus and e twinning sites, facebook.etc)

Dissemination activities per school and timetable 








Project's dissemination activities (Sep 2018 to July 2021)


All dissemination activites :

First year project dissemination

Second year

School's  blog and pages : 

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Project's dissemination conference ( PEKES OF SOUTH AEGEAN )

Articles of local press (εφημ ΕΡΕΥΝΑ) (εφημ.ΕΡΕΥΝΑ) (22/07/2021)





School's website

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Dissemination after learning activity in Italy:

Disseminatiotn after learning activity in Portugal:


The kindergarten's website:

Teachers' blog

Articals in local press:


School's website and pages :


School's website and pages:  fbclid=IwAR3odJTSHmcCdHOjhFMm1LDKEJAr9_6sUN0cZpid681BttGi78Fhu1pi778


Mobility and training event in Lithuania ( June 2021)

Mobility and training event in Greece ( December 2018)

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